Dokumenty rekrutacyjne 2023/2024

Recruitment to the GeoPlanet Doctoral School is carried out in the form of the competition.

A person who has a master's degree, a master's degree in engineering or an equivalent degree may apply for the Doctoral School.

The candidate should select a research topic from the list below and contact with a potential supervisor.

Documents should be sent in electronic form in one PDF file (by e-mail) only to the address:

Required documents:

  1. Application to the doctoral school with the agreement for the processing of personal data for the purposes of the recruitment and the information that the candidate has accepted the Recruitment Regulations for the GeoPlanet Doctoral School. Application to the DS GeoPlanet
  2. A copy of the master's diploma or a certificate of the completion of the master studies.

Note: If the candidate does not have the abovementioned documents, she/he is expected to provide them before the admission to the doctoral school.

  1. A list of the university marks obtained during the first and second degree studies or a list of marks obtained during the master's studies.
  2. A curriculum vitae completed by the information about the education and employment career. CV form
  3. A cover letter containing a short description of scientific interests, scientific achievements, list of publications, information on involvement in scientific activity (membership in university scientific associations, participation in scientific conferences, internships and trainings, awards and distinctions) and justification of the decision to undertake education in the Doctoral School. A cover letter form
  4. Certificates or other documents proving the level of English proficiency, if the candidate possesses them.
  5. At least one recommendation letter from the current academic supervisor or other academic staff about the candidate's current scientific activity.

Note: Please do not sent any extra documents! Documents should be sent in one PDF file in the order as above (1-7). The documents sent in other form will not be considered by the recruitment committee.

The recruitment process consists of two stages:

Stage 1 - evaluation of the provided documents

  • scientific achievements of the candidate (0-5 points) based on university marks, scientific and pop-science publications, patent applications, awards and distinctions resulting from scientific research or student activity, scholarships;
  • candidate's scientific and professional experience (0-5 points) based on participation in conferences, workshops, training and internships, participation in research and commercial projects, involvement in societies and research clubs.

The candidate must obtain 6 points minimum in the first stage, so to be qualified for the second stage.

Stage 2 - an interview evaluated by the recruitment committee

  • candidate's knowledge of the discipline represented by the Institute (0-3 points);
  • knowledge of the subject within the selected research topic chosen by the candidate (0-3 points);
  • motivation and predisposition to the scientific work (0-4 points).

Candidates who obtain in total 10 points at maximum will not be accepted.

The Institute will inform candidates about the results within 14 days from the day of the last interview.

If the number of candidates admitted to the Doctoral School proves smaller than expected by the date of the end of the recruitment, the Institute will announce the supplementary recruitment.

All regulations of the GeoPlanet Doctoral School can be found here: 

GeoPlanet Doctoral School's website:

For additional information contact:

Dr hab. inż. Monika Kalinowska - The Coordinator of the GeoPlanet Doctoral School in the Institute of Geophysics PAS 

Anna Cygan - The Head of Research Office