The governing bodies of the Institute are the Director and the Scientific Board.

The Scientific Board exercises on-going supervision over current activities of the Institute, especially taking care of the high level of its research activity and development of people beginning their scientific career.



  • identifies the profile of the Institute, taking into account the directions of development of the world of science,
  • adopts the plan of research, cooperation with foreign research institutions and publishing activities,
  • approves the reports on the activities of the Institute,
  • assesses the scientific activity of research workers,
  • conducts the review procedure for the academic title of doktor and doktor habilitowany and submits the request for conferment of the title as a part of its powers,
  • gives its opinions on candidates for the post of the Deputy Scientific Director,
  • gives its opinions on candidates for members of the National Science Centre Council and members of the Committee for the Evaluation of Research Units (Komitet Ewaluacji Jednostek Naukowych, KEJN),
  • adopts the statutes of the Institute and its amendments,
  • adopts the method and procedure of conducting competitions for particular research posts,
  • appoints the disciplinary proceedings representative,
  • submits candidates for the national members of the Polish Academy of Sciences,
  • grants scientific awards of the Institute and submit candidates or gives its opinion on candidates for other scientific awards,
  • supervises Ph.D. studies,
  • adopts resolutions on other matters that are within the competences of the Scientific Council under the Act, the statutes of the Academy or the statutes of the Institute.