Associate Professor Beata Orlecka-Sikora, PhD

Director of the Institute of Geophysics

tel.: +48 22 6915-951

     +48 12 292 38 04



  • June, 2019 professorial nomination, Institute of Geophysics Polish Academy of Science, Warsaw
  • July, 2012 Habilitation: dissertation: "The role of static stress transfer  in a various-scale seismogenic process", Institute of Geophysics Polish Academy of Science, Warsaw
  • May, 2005 Ph.D.: dissertation: "Resampling methods for improving the accuracy of the probabilistic seismic hazard analysis", AGH University of Science and Technology (former University of Mining and Metallurgy), Krakow   
  • June, 2000 M.Sc.:  dissertation: “Analysis of the generalized fractal dimension spectrum of the local induced seismicity. Example  from Halemba coal mine”, AGH University of Science and Technology (former University of Mining and Metallurgy), Krakow

Other study:

  • June, 2000 Pedagogical College, AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow 


Institute of Geophysics of  Polish Academy of Sciences:

  • Deputy Director for Science Affairs since 11.2012  
  • Head of Induced Seismicity and Seismic Hazard Unit,  Department of Seismology and Physics of the Earth`s Interior 04.2010 – 11.2012
  • Associate Professor since 2012
  • Assistant Professor  2010- 2012

AGH University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Geology, Geophysics and Environmental Protection

  • Assistant Professor 2005 - 2010
  • Assistant  2004 – 2005


  • geophysics
  • natural and anthropogenic seismicity
  • seismic hazard analysis
  • mathematical statistics, statistical inference, resampling methods
  • applied mathematics


  • The Prize of Minister of National Education 1999
  • The Prize of Rector of AGH University of Science and Technology 2005, 2006, 2009
  • Conference Grant of The Foundation for Polish Science 2010
  • Prize of Professor Kacper Rafał Rybicki, Institute of Geophysics  Polish Academy of Science 2011


  • Kozłowska, M., Orlecka-Sikora, B., Kwiatek, G., Boettcher, M. S., Dresen, G. (2014) Nano- and picoseismicity rate changes from static stress triggering caused by a MW2.2 earthquake in Mponeng gold mine, South Africa, GJR, (accepted)
  • Orlecka-Sikora, B., Cesca S., Lasocki S., Lizurek  G., Wiejacz P., Rudziński Ł. (2014) Seismogenesis of exceptional ground motion due to a sequence of mining induced tremors from Legnica-Głogów Copper District in Poland, Geophys J Int., doi: 10.1093/gji/ggu109
  • Leptokaropoulos K. M., Papadimitriou E., Orlecka–Sikora B, Karakostas V. (2014), Forecasting seismicity rates in western Turkey as inferred from reference seismicity and stressing history, Nat. Hazards, DOI 10.1007/s11069-014-1181-9
  • Leptokaropoulos K. M., Papadimitriou E. E. Orlecka-Sikora B. Karakostas V. G. and Vallianatos F. (2014), Time dependent earthquake occurrence rates along the Hellenic Arc, Bull. Seismol. Soc. Am. Vol. 104, No. 6, doi: 10.1785/0120130298
  • Orlecka-Sikora B., Pytel W. (2013) Integration of geomechanical and geophysical analysis methods for the prediction of seismic events in underground mining, Rock Mechanics for Resources, Energy and Environment, Kwaśniewski & Łydżba (eds.), 2013 Taylor & Francis Group, London, ISBN 978-1-138-00080-3
  • Leptokaropoulos, K. M., Papadimitriou E. E., Orlecka–Sikora, B, Karakostas V. G. (2012) Seismicity rate changes in association with the evolution of the stress field in northern Aegean Sea, Greece, Geophys. J. Int. vol. 188, 1322-1338, DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-246X.2011.05337.x
  • Orlecka-Sikora B., Lasocki, S., Lizurek G., Rudziński Ł. (2012) Response of seismic activity in mines to the stress changes due to mining induced strong seismic events, International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences, 53, 151–158,
  • Orlecka-Sikora, B. (2010) The role of static stress transfer in mining induced seismic events occurrence, a case study of the Rudna mine in the Legnica-Glogow Copper District in Poland, Geophys. J. Int. 182, 1087–1095, DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-246X.2010.04672.x.
  • Orlecka-Sikora, B. (2008) Resampling methods for evaluating the uncertainty of the nonparametric magnitude distribution estimation in the Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis. Tectonophysics, 456, Issue: 1-2, August 1, 38-51.
  • Lasocki, S., Orlecka-Sikora, B. (2008) Seismic hazard assessment under complex source size distribution of mining-induced seismicity. Tectonophysics, 456, Issue: 1-2, August 1, 28-37.


  • 2013 - 2015, IS-EPOS: Digital Research Space of Induced Seismicity for EPOS Purposes, National Centre for Research and Development, Operational Programme Innovative Economy 2007-2013, contract No. POIG.02.03.00-14-090/13-00 – role: Project Deputy Coordinator
  • Since 11.2011, European Plate Observing System, Chair of the Working Group 10  „Infrastructures for Georesources”, aim: integration of research infrastructures in the area of anthropogenic seismicity and strengthening dialogue and cooperation between the scientific community and industry.
  • 2012, The causes of the exceptional surface impact of mining-induced seismic events from the panel XX/1 in Rudna copper-ore mine in Poland, Project for KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. – role: Project Coordinator.
  • 2011 – 2013, Analysis of interaction among seismic events natural and induced by mining works for time-varying seismic hazard assessment, Research Project coordinated by S. Lasocki, No. 3935/B/T02/2010/39, financed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Poland – role: Coordination of task “Static stress inversion”.
  • 2012, Detailed prediction of impacts of tremors and surface deformations induced by mining, on OUOW „Żelazny Most” with an account for OUOW extension and program of copper ore excavation till 2042, Project No KGHM-ZH-U-0128-2012 for KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. Hydro-technical Division in Rudna, coordinated by S. Lasocki – role: Coordination of task “Seismic zonation and time-variable probabilistic characteristics estimation, modelling of future seismic activity”.
  • 2011, Guidelines proposals for the project of Council of Ministers on detailed scope assessment of place designated for the location of an nuclear object, and on the requirements for the report of localization for nuclear facility, Project for the National Atomic Energy Agency – Coordination of the Work Package concerning seismic hazard assessment.
  • 2011, Updated prediction of the influence of seismicity in mines of KGHM “Polska Miedź” S.A. on the Żelazny Most repository for the period of mining activities, Project No KGHM-ZH-U-0076-2011 for  KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. Hydro-technical Division in Rudna, coordinated by S. Lasocki – role: Coordination of task “Past and future seismic zonation and time-variable probabilistic characteristics estimation”.
  • 2009 - 2011, Analysis of the static stress transfer due to coseismic slip of mining induced seismicity and its role in seismogenic process. Research Project No. N N307234937, financed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Poland - Project Manager.
  • 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, Supervising the measurements of seismic impact due to mining exploitation, carried out by the “Żelazny Most” repository monitoring network and stations monitoring the repository's western foreland, Project coordinated by S. Lasockifor KGHM Polska Miedź S.A., Zakład Hydrotechniczny, Rudna. – Co-researcher.
  • 2007-2009, Studies of the time variations of seismic hazard for the natural and mining induced seismicity with the use of non-parametric methods, Research Project No. GRECJA/10/2007 of Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Poland – Co-researcher.                                              


  • 06.2003 – 10.2003 Marie Curie Traning Site Scolarship, Thrieste University, Italy
  • 08.2007 - 09.2007 University of Thessaloniki, Greece
  • 11.2009 University of Thessaloniki, Greece