Lithospheric Research

In the Departament of Lithospheric Research we model and interprete the data recorded in z active seismic experiments. The main goal is the recognition of the crust and upper mantle structures. Among our projects there are both marine and land surveys conducted together with our scientific and industrial cooperators. Geographically, we focus on exploring Poland and Europe, however we also perform experiments in the polar areas, in the Arctic (Spitsbergen, North Atlantic) and Antarctic (South Shetland Islands and the Bransfield Strait).


Digital seismic recorders – Ref-Tek Texans – from the American IRIS Pascal Instrument Center.
Seismic vibrator – vibrating seismic source, property of Geofizyka Toruń S.A.
Drilling the shot wells for dynamite seismic source. Ukraine, PANCAKE 2008 project.
An example of land seismic section.


Decades of research of the lithosphere’s structure, conducting multiple seismic experiments in collaboration with many foreign scientific institutions allowed us to gain hands-on experience in the subject of seismic survey design and organization, and data processing. Apart from strictly scientific research, we also participate in engineering and exploration projects.


German research vessel - Polarstern Bremerhaven.
Ocean bottom seismometer (OBS) designed by Hokkaido University (Japan) used in a research project in the Arctic.
An airgun – aboard the German research vessel Polarstern (AWI – Bremerhaven).
Airgun shots fired from the board of Polish research vessel Horyzont II.