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  • 100th Birthday Anniversary of Stanisław Michnowski

On November 10, 2018, docent dr. Stanisław Michnowski, geophysicist and atmospheric electricity scientist, celebrated his 100th birthday anniversary. Stanisław Michnowski has been the head of the Laboratory of Atmospheric Electricity in the Department of Atmospheric Physics (formerly Department of Atmospheric Physics and Near-Earth Space Physics) at the Institute of Geophysics PAS until his retirement, and is a honorary member of Polish Geophysical Society, Polish Committee on Lightning Protection and a honorary member of IAMAS/IUGG International Commission on Atmospheric Electricity (ICAE), after several decades of serving as a member.

A special celebration session took place at the Institute of Geophysics PAS on 13th November 2018:

100. birthday anniversary on the centenary of Poland independence

The Institute's scientific journal, Publs. Inst. Geophys. Pol. Acad. Sci., published a special issue honouring Stanisław Michnowski and his scientific achievements:,4,en,pubs,4,0,4,27.html

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  • The 50th Anniversary of the Start of Ozone Observations by the Dobson spectrophotometer at the Belsk Observatory


10.00-10.20: Introductory Talk - Effect of the Montreal Protocol 1987 on the Ozone Layer, prof. Janusz W. Krzyścin (Institute of Geophysics, PAS, Warsaw, Poland)

10.20-10.50: The discovery of the Antarctic Ozone Hole at Syowa station (69 S, 40 E) in 1984, prof. Shigeru Chubachi (Chiba Institute of Science, Choshi, Chiba, Japan).

10.50-11.20: The long-term ozone changes deduced from 50 years’ measurements by the Dobson spectrophotometer at the Belsk Observatory (52 N, 21 E), prof. Janusz Krzyścin

11.20-11.50: Monitoring of the Ozone Layer and UV-radiation in Antarctica, dr Michał Janouch (Czech Hydrometeorological Institute, Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic)

11.50-12.10: 20 year’s monitoring of the atmosphere by the Brewer spectrophotometer at Belsk Observatory dr Janusz Jarosławski (Institute of Geophysics, PAS, Warsaw, Poland)

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