Grants by National Centre for Science

L.p. Grant name Project manager Source of funding Duration
1 Changeability of the Earth's resistivity and its relation to seismicity around the Transeuropean Suture Zone Dr Vladimir Semenov, Associate Professor

NCN      2014/15/B/ST10/00789

2 Field expermiental investigation of hydrodynamics of water flow-vegetation-sediment interactions at the scale of individual aquatic plant Dr Robert Bialik

NCN          2014/13/D/ST10/01123

3 Paleomagnetic studies of Lower Triassic sandstones from the autochthonous cover of the Central West Carpathians aimed at better determination of the rotation degree of this unit relative to the European Platform Dr Rafał Junosza-Szaniawski, Associate Professor NCN          2014/13/B/ST10/01151 2015-2018
4 Characteristics of microseismicity using modern monitoring networksu MSc Jacek Trojanowski NCN          2013/09/N/ST10/03773 2014-2017

Remote sensing studies of variability of optical properties of aerosols during transportation over the area of Poland

Dr Aleksander Pietruczuk, Associate Professor NCN          2013/09/B/ST10/03553 2014-2017
6 Magnetic properties of iron oxides contained in house dust as an indicator of indoor air pollution with heavy metals Professor Maria Teisseyre-Jeleńska NCN          2013/09/B/ST10/02780 2014-2017
7 Influence of freezing of coastal waters and the shore on wave motion and morphodynamics of the coasts in polar regions on the example of the south-western Spitsbergen: process analysis, modelling and prediction Dr Mateusz Moskalik NCN        2013/09B/ST10/04141 2014-2017
8 Application of magnetic methods to studying the spread of anthropogenic pollution in conjunction with soil parameters and structure of urban soils in model soil profiles MSc Sylwia Dytłow NCN      2013-11/N/ST10/01767 2014-2016
9 The use of underwater acoustics methods in the study of sea ice in Hornsund, Spitsbergen MSc Oskar Głowacki NCN            2013/N/ST10/01729 2014-2017
10 The impact of climate change on the snow cover and non-glaciated polar catchment hydrological regime MSc Tomasz Wawrzyniak NCN           2013/N/ST10/04105 2014-2017
11 Innovative methods of nonlinear stochastic modelling of time series generated by complex systems and their applications in geophysics Professor Zbigniew Czechowski NCN          2012/05/B/ST10/00598 2013-2015
12 Modelling of the solar UV radiation reaching the surface of the Earth for evaluation of the effectiveness of antipsoriatic heliotherapy in Poland Professor Janusz Krzyścin NCN          2012/05/B/ST10/00495 2013-2015
13 New statistical models in the analysis of floods incidence and characteristics of the freshet wave shape Dr Krzysztof Kochanek, Associate Professor NCN          2012/05/B/ST10/00482 2013-2015
14 Refraction and reflection seismicity: combined interpretation with the analysis of the accuracy Dr Mariusz Majdański, Associate Professor NCN          2012/05/B/ST10/00052 2013-2016
15 Multiparameter inversion of the full wave field for better imaging the Earth’s crust Dr Michał Malinowski, Associate Professor NCN           2011/03/D/ST10/05128 2012-2015
16 Integrated paleomagnetic, isotopic and structural studies aimed at paleographic reconstruction of the Caledonian terranes in Svalbard Dr Krzysztof Michalski NCN            2011/03/D/ST10/05193 2012-2015
17 The course and the origin of the electrical conductivity anomalies in the crust on the Polish territory and their importance for a better understanding of the deep geological structure Dr Waldemar Jóźwiak, Associate Professor NCN           2011/01/B/ST10/07046 2011-2015
18 Multifaceted analysis of seismicity induced by mining activity using modelling and inversion of full seismic wave field Dr Wojciech Dębski, Associate Professor NCN           2011/01/B/ST10/07305 2011-2015
19 Stochastic system of flood forecasting (on the example of the section of the Vistula River from Zawichost to Warszawa) Professor Renata J. Romanowicz NCN           2011/01/B/ST10/06866 2011-2015
20 Determination of motion resistance in open channels during passage of the freshet wave Dr Magdalena M. Mrokowska

NCN           2011/01/N/ST10/07395