Department of seismology conducts research in the area of observational seismology.

Using seismological observations carried out by regional and local seismic networks we conduct research on physics of seismic source, statistical and engineering seismology.

The department is involved in maintenance, processing and providing data from Polish Regional Seismic Network. Apart from stations located in Poland, one is also located in polish polar station in Spitsbergen.


Our scientific goals focus on investigating links between seismic processes induced by different human activities and differences between natural seismic processes.

Main research areas:

  • seismicity induced by mining
  • physical origin of seismic processes induced by reservoirs impoundment
  • tectonic processes in terms of seismic hazard assessment

currently the department is involved in following projects:

completed projects:

  • IS-EPOS - Digital Reserach Space of Induced Seismicity for EPOS Purposes
  • SHEER - SHale gas Exploration and Exploitation induced Risk