In Palaeomagnetic Research Group  standard palaeomagnetic studies are carried out accompanied by rock-magnetic  studies  in order to identify magnetic minerals.  The laboratory is equipped with modern research infrastructure  that enable us to conduct the wide range of experiments.  The studies of magnetic anisotropy are also carried out in connection with microtectonic and tectonic deformation studies.  For the last few  years in the frame of environments magnetism studies magnetic properties of unpolluted and polluted soils, magnetic properties of pollution collected on filters and plants as well as studies of magnetic properties of house-hold dust  are investigated .

Recently investigations are performed on rocks of various types from the Carpathians, Sudetes, Holy Cross Mountains, rocks from  Spitsbergen  as well as from Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia, Croatia. The studied soils come from Poland and Ukraine.  In our research tasks a group of a few Ph.D. students is enrolled.

The equipment of the Laboratory for Palaeomagnetism and Environmental Studies