Hornsund Time Capsule


The Time Capsule conveys a message about us to civilization distant in time. We may only speculate on their ability for understanding of our communication systems. These systems are different and include writing, speaking, imaging (e.g. pictures, music), body language, or religious behaviors and practices, expressing our transcendental thinking. Less perceived form of communication is the language of objects, although practiced by all of us every day. Each object we use speaks for ourselves, but some of them are used commonly. These objects are telling a story about our civilization. Some objects demonstrate our technical development, while other testify a level of our knowledge and understanding of the Earth and the Universe. We use a language of objects to write our “message in a bottle”, which was thrown into the Sea of Geological Time.

Marek Lewandowski

All details on "Hornsund Time Capsule" can be reached at www.timecapsule.igf.edu.pl

Research letter covering Hornsund Time Capsule was published in Gondwana Research

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Update: 28.02.2018