The EPOS Implementation Phase project (2015 - 2019) is a joint project of 46 partners, 6 associate partners (including the European Space Agency, EuroGeoSurveys, Global Earthquake Model) and several international organizations (ORFEUS, EMSC, EUREF, INTERMAGNET) for a total of 25 countries involved.

The EPOS IP project is coordinated by the Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (Italy). The project coordinator is Massimo Cocco, who is responsible for the global coordination and organization of the activities and chairs the EPOS Project Development Board.

The EPOS Implementation Phase project is a key step in EPOS’ vision of a pan-European Earth science monitoring platform. Building on the EPOS Preparatory Phase project (2010-2014), it will deliver not only a suite of domain-specific and mulitdisciplinary services in one platform, but also the legal and governance, and financial frameworks to ensure the future operation and sustainability of the platform.

Funded under the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme, the EPOS IP project is organized in three main strategic actions:

  • Implementation of services for data provision in an effective legal and financial framework;
  • Harmonisation of EPOS implementation with national priorities and strategies;
  • Management guaranteeing an efficient running of the work plan from the technical, administrative, and financial perspective as well as ensuring effective links with the establishment of EPOS-ERIC.

The EPOS IP project will implement for its four-years duration a realistic roadmap toward EPOS construction making its objectives measureable and achievable. EPOS IP project will build the EPOS integrated research platform by:

  • implementing Thematic Core Services (TCS) for the diverse communities contributing to EPOS;
  • ensuring Thematic Core Services integration within the full EPOS framework, covering legal, governance and financial aspects, and technical connection to Integrated Core Services;
  • developing the Integrated Core Services to provide interoperability, data management and access to services;
  • creating optimal conditions for the central coordination of the EPOS-ERIC (Executive Coordination OfficeECO – and ICS-Central hub);
  • ensuring long-term financial & legal sustainability for EPOS-ERIC and implemented services;
  • harmonizing the EPOS implementation with national priorities and strategies;
  • further gaining users’ trust and awareness of the impact of the new research exploitation platform;
  • integrating EPOS in the global science community to enhance the EPOS services;
  • fostering training, outreach and international cooperation.

The EPOS IP will guarantee the further enhancement of the technical architecture, including the development of innovative components (such as the design of ICS distributed resources), and the further enlargement of the membership supporting the ERIC establishment.






IS-EPOS Platform Workshop, Potsdam

  • On 12th May 2017, IS-EPOS Platform Workshop took place in Potsdam, Germany. During the workshop, IS-EPOS platform was presented to Ph.D., Master students and other people interested in learning how e-research studies can be conducted with all the tools and data provided by IS-EPOS platform.

EPOS-IP meeting, Potsdam

  • On 10th - 11th May 2017, EPOS-IP  WP14 meeting was held in Potsdam, Germany. Representatives of 13 institutions involved in WP14 TCS AH were present during the meeting. Crucial activities connected witth TCS AH implementation were discussed and summary of last 18 months of work was conducted. 



EPOS 2 Newsletter

Article about IS-EPOS platform

  • Article: "IS-EPOS: digital research space to facilitate an integrated approach to induced seismicity"  was published in newest bulletin of the Mineral and Energy Economy Intitute of the PAS. Authors of article are: prof. Stanisław Lasocki, prof. Beata Orlecka-Sikora, Ph.D. Konstantinos Leptokaropoulos, Ph.D. Grzegorz Lizurek, Ph.D. Mariusz Sterzel, Tomasz Szepieniec, prof. Grzegorz Mutke.

EPOS-IP meeting, Madrid 

  • On 5th - 7th October 2016,  during IPC in Madrid, WP14 Splinter meeting was held. Crucial Legal & Governance and IPR issues were discussed.


European Seismological Commission 2016, Trieste

  • During  the 35rd General Assembly of the European Seismological Commission (GA ESC)  in Trieste, on 5th - 9th September 2016, 6 Ph.D. Grzegorz Lizurek presented TCS-AH platform and poster "EPOS Thematic Core Service “Anthropogenic Hazards” - e-research platform" was demonstrated.

Anthropogenic Seismicity Workshop, Nancy

  •  On 1st - 2nd September 2016, Anthropogenic Seismicity Workshop took place in Campus ARTEM, School of Mines, Nancy, France. TCS-AH platform was presented and prof. Stanisław Lasocki gave two presentations:

Integrated approach to geophysical hazards induced by exploration and exploitation of georesources - to facilitate the way of attaining excellence

Probabilistic Analysis of The Time-varyingHazard Dueto AnthropogenicSeismicity – How we do itin WP14 (TCS AH) of EPOS 


EPOS-IP WP14 meeting, Nancy

  • On 30th 31st August 2016, EPOS-IP WP14 meeting was organized in Campus ATREM School of Mines, Nancy, France, to discuss work progress within the project, legal issues necessary for further project realisation and plans for future. Institute of Geophysics, PAS, and School of Mines in France were co-organisers of meeting.


EPOS 1 Newsletter


LACSC, Costa Rica

  • On 20th - 22nd June 2016, in San José (Costa Rica), The Latin America and Caribbean Seismological Commission (LACSC) 2nd Regional Accembly was held.  Participants of this conference were prof. Beata Orlecka-Sikora and prof. Stanisław Lasocki. 

WP14 meeting, Naples 

  • EPOS-IP WP14 Anthropgenic Hazards meeting took place on 6th - 7th June 2016 in Naples.  Meeting concerned Activity of WP14 Legal & Governance Team.

Applied Geophysics scientific symposium, Gdańsk

  • Applied Geophysics scientific symposium was held on 1st - 3rd March 2016 in Gdańsk.  Main topics of conference were: Geophysical Methods for Civil and Industrial Construction Applications, Mining Geophysics Engineering, Environmental Geophysics. During symposium Ph.D. Grzegorz Lizurek presented capabilities of  IS-EPOS platform and gave presentation: "IS-EPOS: a digital research space to facilitate integrated approach to induced seismicity"


EGU, Vienna

  • On 17th - 22nd April 2016,  European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2016 took place in Vienna. During special sesssion dedicated to EPOS progamme, prof. Beata Orlecka-Sikora presented two posters concerning TCS-AH platform.


Meeting in Prague



Kick - off Meeing, Katowice

  • WP14 Kick-off meeting of EPOS-IP project took place in Katowice on 20th - 21st November, 2015. 


Kick - off Meeing, Rome

  • On 5th - 7th October,2015 in Rome was held EPOS Implementation Phase (EPOS-IP) kick-off meeting