Department of Polar and Marine Research

Research Topics

Marine research

  • The development of methods for analyzing data from multibeam sonar and sediment profiler to determine the differences in the morphology of the bottom sediments and identification of bodies of young periglacial

  • The use of passive acoustic monitoring of marine for determining the processes occurring in the icy Arctic fjords

  • Fjords hydrology

  • Coastal processes in the polar regions - coastal erosion, sediment transport, the importance of sea ice in the protection and restoration of seashores

Hydrological mass balance of unglaciated Fuglebekken catchment

  • Development and application hydrological models including the active layer of permafrost and the distribution of the snow cover in the catchment



  • Diagnosis of the mechanisms responsible for the dynamics of movement and the development of the glacier mass balance Hansbreen
  • Development  of mass and energy balance models for Hans glacier

Snow in unglaciated coastal areas


  • Diagnosis and modeling of the distribution and dynamics of snow cover in unglaciated area of the northern coast of Hornsund

The flow of matter in FUGLEBEKKEN catchment 


  • Identification of sources of supply and routes of circulation of matter in the Fuglebekken catchment













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