The Institute of Geophysics of the Polish Academy of Sciences is the leading scientific centre in Poland in the field of the Earth physics research. The Institute’s research programme includes experimental and theoretical studies in scientific disciplines such as seismology, geomagnetism, atmospheric physics, geophysical imaging, lithospheric research, hydrology & hydrodynamics and polar & marine research. The Institute employs about 200 people (including over 60 academics) and is a member of major international geophysical bodies.

As a member of the Geoplanet Doctoral School the Institute of Geophysics offers the PhD courses in geophysics. The course lasts 4 years, is conducted in English and ends with a PhD thesis. During the course, the student attends lectures and participates in research under the direction of a supervisor.

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For additional information contact:

Dr hab. inż. Monika Kalinowska - The Coordinator of the GeoPlanet Doctoral School in the Institute of Geophysics PAS 

Anna Cygan - The Head of Research Office