IG PAS is proud to inform

to be a part of the Consortium implementing #Horizon2020 funded project Smart Exploration, due to start in December 2017.

#SmartExploration consists of a research and application team supported by a group of technologically advanced SMEs and the mining industry. We'll focus on developing cost-effective, environmentally friendly tools and methods for geophysical exploration in highly challenging brownfield areas where exploration expenditure is greater and the return time (from exploration to production) shorter.

A second focus point will be long-term greenfield exploration with the aim of reducing exploration costs, implying significant improvement in development rates and a sustainable supply of raw materials at the same rate as the whole world wishes to grow. This will not only generate new technological and methodological markets for the EU, but will also result in improved exploration strategies in the EU and beyond.

Project Smart Exploration was made possible thanks to #H2020 #InvestEUresearch!