Propozycje tematów badawczych

Prof. Stanisław Lasocki, “Models for seismic hazard assessment in anthropogenic seismicity”

Prof. Stanisław Lasocki, “Migration of seismic events in multidimensional parameter spaces in relation to time-changes of parameters of inducing technologies”

Prof. Marek Lewandowski “Paleomagnetism of the Precambrian rocks and geotectonics of the early Earth.”

Prof. Paweł M. Rowiński, co-supervisor: dr. Monika B. Kalinowska “Modelling of pollution transport processes in rivers.”

Prof. Paweł M. Rowiński, co-supervisor: dr. Monika B. Kalinowska “The role of vegetation in river valleys in the context of the UNESCO report WWDR2018, titled ‘nature-based solutions for water’ ”.

Dr. Mariusz Białecki, Assoc. Prof. “Cellular automata modeling inter-event time distributions for earthquakes”

Dr. Wojciech Czuba “Lithospheric structure and tectonics of ultra-slow mid-oceanic ridge and passive continental margin on an example of the Knipovich Ridge in the Svalbard region based on seismic passive and active methods.”

Dr. Krzysztof Kochanek, Assoc. Prof. "Risk of inundations in urbanised areas - new residential areas case study"

Dr. Grzegorz Lizurek, Non-DC components of full moment tensor solution as an artifact of P and S wave amplitude inversion.

Dr. Grzegorz Lizurek, Looking for characteristic footprints in seismic process evolution as the tool in discrimination between tectonic and reservoir triggered seismicity.

Dr. Michal Malinowski, Assoc. Prof. “Processing and interpretation of the new marine seismic data offshore Poland”

Dr. Krzysztof Mizerski, Assoc. Prof. “Numerical analysis of hydromagnetic dynamos driven by buoyancy forces”

Dr. Krzysztof Mizerski, Assoc. Prof. “The influence of thermal effects on the boundary-layer mass outflow”

Dr. Aleksander Pietruczuk, Assoc. Prof. “Retrieval of atmospheric aerosol microphysical properties based on LIDAR and sun-photometer synergy”

Dr. Aleksander Pietruczuk, Assoc. Prof. “Synergy of in-situ and remote sensing techniques to better understanding of aerosol optical properties”

Dr. Aleksander Pietruczuk, Assoc. Prof. “Multi-scale interactions over the Maritime Continent and their role in weather extremes over Central and Eastern Europe” (2018-2020

Dr. Piotr Środa, Assoc. Prof. “Upper mantle structure and anisotropy beneath the SW Poland based on modelling of passive seismic data.”


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