Participation of IG PAS employees in the 39th Polar Symposium in Sopot

The traditional meeting of the Polish polar community took place in Sopot on May 18-19. The organizers and hosts of this year's conference were the Institute of Oceanology PAS, the Polish Polar Consortium, the Committee on Polar Research and the Polar Club of the Polish Geographical Society.

Among the many interesting lectures, there were also talks given by employees of various departments and units from our Institute.

The opening lecture entitled "New research opportunities in the Antarctic - Dobrowolski Station and the modernisation of the Arctowski Station" was given by Prof. Marek Lewandowski from the Department of Magnetism together with Dr. Robert Bialik (Department of Antarctic Biology, IBB PAS).

On the second day of the conference, the session "Tipping points of the Arctic and Antarctic system" featured Dr. Maciej Bartosiewicz from the Department of Polar and Marine Research with a talk "Ecosystem scale methane budget in High Arctic catchments."

Meanwhile, in the special session organized in connection with the 100th anniversary of the publication of Antoni Boleslaw Dobrowolski's "Natural History of Ice", were given two presentations: by Prof. Marek Lewandowski ("Global glaciation: the natural history of ice 100 years later") and by Dagmara Bożek from the Department of Science Communication and Education ("Reception of A.B. Dobrowolski's Natural History of Ice").

During the poster session, Dr. Agata Goździk presented a poster on projects carried out by the Department of Science Communication and Education, Dagmara Bożek presented a poster on the RAW - Retreat and Wither project, carried out by IG PAS, IO PAN and the West Norwegian University of Applied Sciences (HVL) and Szczepan Bal from the Department of Magnetism presented a joint poster "Paleomagnetic expedition to the region of northeastern Svalbard".