‘PAAN – Poles Together’ 3rd Steering Committee Meeting

For the first time during pandemic restrictions the meeting was held in-person on 21st November at University of Oslo (The Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics) where the main partner of the project is based.

The entire meeting was being chaired by prof. Monika A. Kusiak the Principal Investigator and the dr. Lars Eivind Augland, Project Leader. Taking the advantage of  the Advisory Board members presence: prof. Mariusz Majdanski, Krzysztof Otto - Deputy Directors from IG PAS and prof. Trond Torsvik – from University of Oslo,   various subjects concerning development of the project, its administrative as well as research issues were discussed and arranged.
The considerable part of the meeting was devoted to presenting the state work and achievements of the project. Various presentation started with the promotional activities, leading up to the financial, managing and organizational issues.
The rest of the meeting was dominated by presentations of the research results carried out by ‘Poles Together’ scientists in various science centers and laboratories, additionally talks about expeditions to Greenland and planned expedition to Labrador were given. The issues connected with dissemination and publishing activity were also the subjects of discussion.
The last point of agenda was visiting of CEED brand new Laboratory Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometry Laboratory (TIMS).

The project 'PAAN Poles together - missing links between Arctic and Antarctic early Earth records' received funds within the GRIEG competition funded by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 (No. of agreement: UMO-2019/34/H/ST10/00619).