Project Smart Exploration garners SEG’s Distinguished Achievement Award

The SEG "Distinguished Achievement Award" 2020 also honors the team of Prof. Michał Malinowski involved in the implementation of the project.

The award is given to a company, institution or other organization for a specific technical contribution or contributions that have, in the unanimous opinion of the Honors and Awards Committee and the Board of Directors, substantially advanced the science of exploration geophysics. This honor is in recognition for not only technical advances but also for a focus on communicating to the public the role that applied geophysics plays in exploration and development of natural resources. 

The team from the Department of Geophysical Imaging, prof. Michał Malinowski, Brij Singh and Marta Cyz,  is involved in the implementation of two SmartExploration project work packages. As part of WP 3 (Advanced Subsurface Imaging and Modeling), we are developing a methodology for a velocity model building to improve the imaging of seismic data acquired for the purpose of mineral exploration. Brij Singh, as part of his doctoral dissertation, is developing a full-waveform inversion methodology using a unique 3D seismic data from the Ludvika site (Sweden). Brij work is supported by dr Andrzej Górszczyk, who is currently working as a post-doc at the University Alpes in Grenoble. As part of WP 4 (Target and Data Generation), we reprocess seismic data from the Gerolekas area (Greece), where rich bauxite deposits are located. Thanks to the use of new tools, the re-processed data has made a significant contribution to the construction of a new geological model of the region.

Smart Exploration ( is coordinated by Uppsala University (Sweden) and involves 27 partners from 11 EU countries with 6 exploration sites to test innovative hardware and software solutions. Smart Exploration has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research & Innovation programme under grant agreement No. 775971.