Researchers from our Institute at SEISMIX Symposium

The 20th SEISMIX Symposium - International Symposium on Deep Seismic Profiling of the Continents and their Margins, which this year took place in Uppsala, Sweden, has just ended.

SEISMIX is an international meeting of scientists involved in seismic research organized every two years since 1984. It was first held at Cornell University in 1984. The symposium is unique because it brings together scientists from all over the world who study the Earth's interior using the latest technologies. The aim of the community participating in the conference is to improve active and passive seismic methods for even more accurate and effective imaging of both near-surface structures and the deep structure of the Earth. Seven scientists from our Institute presented the results of their work during presentation and poster sessions.
From the Department of Geophysical Imaging the following participated:
  • Mariusz Majdański - presentation "Time-lapse geophysical imaging of hydrogeological processes in near-surface – examples of Spitsbergen permafrost and critical objects in Poland"
  • Toktam Zand - poster "Efficient High-Resolution Crustal-Scale Imaging Using OBN and Streamer Data in the Semi-Nonlinear Algorithm"
  • Brij Singh - presentacion "2D Seismic Reflection Imaging of the 2.5-2.4 Ga feeder zone of the Koillismaa Layered Igneous Complex, Northern Finland"
  • Ali Gholami - poster "Laterally constrained surface-wave dispersion curve inversion"
  • Andrzej Górszczyk - presentation "On the impact of the 3D effect on the high-resolution velocity model building from the active seismic 2D data and poster "High-resolution velocity model reconstruction of the Japan Trench area affected by the petit-spot volcanism"

From the Department of Lithospheric Research the following participated:

  • Wojciech Czuba - poster "Polish Contribution to the Adria Array Passive Seismic Project"
  • Tomasz Janik - two posters "The wide-angle reflection and refraction profile across Ukraine, SHIELD’21" and "Revisit of Fennoscandian Shield on UPPLAND seismic profile, the competitive velocity models"