A vessel, brand new project tools and polar bears

EDU-ARCTIC Methodological workshop is approaching!

On September 16 – 19, on Svalbard, a 4-day EDU-ARCTIC Methodological Workshop will be held. It will be hosted by the Institute of Geophysics PAS, leader of the project.

As planned, this event precedes the main part of the project, that is starting the program at schools.

The workshop is intended for all partners and staff involved in the EDU-ARCTIC program. It is aimed at familiarizing the participants with recommendations gathered from teachers and pupils for the program, as well as discussing implementation guidelines. It will also give an opportunity to work together in order to find the best, methodically correct, and effective ways of communicating scientific research to girls and boys. Professional  methodologists  will be also available to give advice on effective and innovative ways of working  with pupils on e-learning bases, including presentation of experience from EDUSCIENCE project. Also, great experience of Hornsund Polish Polar Station at conducting educational activities will be recalled.

The objective of the workshop is to practice the ability to conduct the EDU-ARCTIC program professionally and to analyze the proposed methods of working with end-users and stakeholders.

All the crucial tools of EDU-ARCTIC will be discussed, including project portal, its layout and functionalities, Polarpedia – on-line Arctic glossary and educational resource, whereas Cisco Webex tool and Kahoot Application for interactive online lessons with schools will be tested. Furthermore, all prepared promotional tools will be revealed.

The workshop will be organized on the Horizon II vessel, which has a big experience on providing educational programs for schools in Poland (EDUSCIENCE), during a cruise. Thereby, workshop participants will have a rare opportunity to visit NY-Allesund: Marine Laboratory and a few of its stations and Hornsund Polish Polar Station. In addition, the development of nature-based tourism in the Ice Fjord will be depicted.

Over and above that, there will be an excursion to glacier and area near the Station, with good chance of meeting actual polar bears!

The workshop will be a good opportunity to exchange experience so as to conduct the project activities with schools, teachers, students as flawlessly as possible.

  • Fot. Agata Goździk

    Fot. Agata Goździk

  • Fot. Agata Goździk

    Fot. Agata Goździk